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We are a values driven company with a vanguard spirit, focusing on software and data services for Formula 1®, Le Mans and Formula E racing, increasing to sustainable, authentic and credible sport that is acknowledged by diverse audience. We are developing self-improving intelligent systems that leverage ultimate-edge computing technology in a new, disruptive way to break through the limits of impossible and shape everything from driver and cars' performance to the way they communicate and execute races. 

Edge-Fog-Cloud® was brought to light to empower race teams to score more dramatic victories and to reinvent the basis of competition within their category. Based on patent-protected technology, Edge-Fog-Cloud® simply enables on board systems to make more dynamic, intelligent decisions to act on without depending completely on automated or human intervention. It raises current level of machine learning immensely to deliver extremely accurate predictions race teams can trust maximise their awareness in anticipating events that come up during the race and prepare for them beforehand.

 Our passion is that we love great races, and we don't want people just to be happy with the product or to just enjoy the service! We want our customers to be the best they can be, and our mission is to make sure that those who stand out have the intelligence and the ultimate advantage to shift the game completely and touch the hearts of their fans at a whole new level!



Formula 1® epitomises the most natural human aspiration: to go better, higher and stronger every single time. The best Formula One teams work in perfect harmony with everyone unstintingly committed to contribute to the success of the race, understanding how coordinated execution can make or break the race. The way F1 teams set themselves up to win is synonymous with the pace of our company.  We constantly anticipate the road ahead and perpetually master our craft to create something more, new and alive than what currently exists.  We are in close proximity with our customers and connected to their experience with our products and services, but most importantly, their encounters everyday as they go about their races, when they are not dealing with our company. Going above and beyond for our customers often requires questioning conventional wisdom about what can or can not be attained. Our company is a place that inspires people to finding tirelessly unique ways to develop technologies that create that unfair advantage that causes customers to compete at a higher level. We believe that the secret to our success is in our talented team and in the values we share. We do all business in alignment with those values and engage every single person that is part of our team to make difference in areas they can contribute the most. Our culture empowers everyone to be creative, focused on vision and courageous - we want each team member to be always confident to defend their ideas and to come up with brilliant products that light customers up and bring evolution of improvement in area they care about most -- WINNING RACES. 
Reach out to us, if you are keen to contribute to some of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding business ventures of your life, and have fun along the way.