• Ultimate RaceEdge
    Ultimate RaceEdge Proximity. Performance. Revenue.
  • RaceBrain
    RaceBrain See in the future.
  • Quant.um
    Quant.um Secure. Ultra-fast. Accurate.
  • Holographic Vision
    Holographic Vision Real-time Imaging. Accuracy. Reliability.


Maximum result

Deliver high proximity,  speed, agility and local awareness. 
Provide advanced capabilities and data services compared to any in-car embedded processor.
Scale spontaneusly as car sensors become more sophisticated and data keep building up.                           
Take AI to a new level: deliver accurate predictions of system performance and enable systems communicate with each other.

Compelling value

Performance: create situational awareness by enabling real-time analytics, data fusion and reduced ingress bandwidth 
Reliability: make real-time predictions of situations ahead to allow preparations and actions accordingly.
Premium quality: have highly personalised insight at ultra-high speed and zero latency.
Low operational cost: unlike with traditional systems, save over time with no data transmission cost.

Ultimate edge

Redefine connected and autonomous driving, AR, VR and other mission critical applications of the future. 
  • Ideal for fully-distributed architecture 
  • Suited for see-through situations such as overtaking to avoid collisions
  • Mobile edge and latency-sensitive services (5G), edge video orchestration and maximum network efficiency  



Use as a powerful aerodynamics to help balance and elevate car's performance and reliability. 
Extend self-improving capabilities into a shared infrastructure that governs real-time data and creates a whole new class performance and usage-/efficiency-based relationships. Driver can have a truly intelligent car that reports back actual fuel-/power usage, where performance is tied into a real time usage and automatically adjusts over the time the car is on the track. The driver does not need so many buttons on the steering wheel to fine tune every element of the car. Instead drivers can have their car react more intuitively in unforeseen situations without a risk of malfunctioning or shutting down.  

Not a single aspect of the race, from tire selection to fuel loads, has to be left down to a chance or to what is commonly known as luck.


Holographic vision

Augmented vision systems

Each model is application specific. 

Highly accurate 360-degree view of surrounding.    

Ultra-low latency for both wide and restricted tracking areas (cars, cockpits,..).



Lightweight reliability

Powerful aerodynamics tool to help balance and elevate car's performance and reliability.  Super effective for systems that require robust compute power or may be hard to update. Applications built on the system create value, in both quality and quantity, for customers that want to tap into unlimited capabilities at a very large scale and make accurate and quick decisions in critical environment.

Secure identification and authentication of systems is the most important security property that ensures critical data protection. Provided that we can tap into unlimited power of quantum computers, post-quantum programs need to be tested to secure critical information in real-time applications. Systems such as Quant.um will be able to execute crypto code with maximum efficiency within its own secure environment.

  • Raise level of AI exponentially

  •  Ensure everyone's data is kept in sync and immutable
  • Safeguard your data with ultimate security from level 0